Write a thank you note in spanish

Used when replying to correspondence It was good to hear from you again. Disculpa que no te haya escrito desde hace tanto Used when you have important news Have you made any plans for…?

Write a thank you note in spanish

When I got there it only took minutes for one of them to tell me I suit the ghetto. In a strange way I was honored. I agreed without hesitation, not knowing what I was in for. We drove just over an hour and reached their home after dark so I never got the full effect til the next morning.

This is a picture of the front yard and behind those walls is where 9 of them live. All the rooms in this home have separate, padlocked entrances. His room was around the back of the house which was pitch dark at night.

I followed them in and used the flashlight on my cell phone to see where I was walking. The next morning I could see that this is what the walkway looked like. When we arrived we all sat in one room and chatted for a while, and before long one of the brothers who lived in another room came to join us.

Through the wall I could hear the sound of an infant child so I asked about it. He led me around the front of the house to another door and inside I saw his girlfriend and 3 little girls, aged 8 years, 6 years and 6 months. The baby immediately smiled at me and the other two girls looked cautious.

I quickly scanned the room and noticed that in this 20X20 space was a double bed for the mom, dad and baby, and the other two girls slept in a single bed together.

There was a TV on a shelf, a stove and fridge along one wall and that was pretty much it. It made me feel greedy the way I live back home. Just a double bed, dresser and a laundry basket.

This is looking out his door into the dark walkway. That walkway is also the place where they told me to pee when I had to go. There are no washrooms or running water here. We all hung out chatting and listening to music until another brother showed up. He was a real livewire compared to the others I was with.

I was hesitant but mildly amused at the thought so we all got dressed and hit the streets. I admit that there were a few moments walking the dark streets of Spanish Town after midnight with three Jamaican men, that my mind wandered to the list of things that could go wrong at any time!

I said a little prayer for my safety and decided to just enjoy the walk.

How to Write a Thank You Note to a Teacher (with Sample Notes)

The street party was actually pretty lame. It shut down about 20 minutes after we arrived and I was a little disappointed but kind of impressed that they told me the police like to keep things quiet and keep parties under control.

Not what I was expecting. So there we were at 2: We ended up catching a ride with a random car that passed and I think they only stopped because they saw a white female in the group.

The picture above is the room I got to sleep in. I felt honored they would let me have her room. We laid awake and chatted a long time, til about 4am. I told him the total reverse…. The next morning I was awoken at 7: The door to the room I was in was open to the outside and everyone was already busy about their day.

I saw one of the brothers preparing bath water for the baby. I went outside and said good morning to everyone including the little girls from the night before. So I turned it around and said I would like to take care of lunch.

Everyone voted this brother the best cook so he took care of lunch and prepared outside on this table and cooked inside on their gas stove. I was completely in my element here….

It felt like camping! While lunch was being prepared I took note of how things went in this yard. There are big barrels of rainwater all over the place and this is their drinking, cooking and bathing water.

They simply scoop water from the big barrels into small tin cans and use it for whatever.WHO. Make a list of everyone you need to thank. If your thank-yous are the result of a party in your honor, write down the names of those who sent or brought a gift, whether it came by mail, email, carrier pigeon or in person.

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write a thank you note in spanish

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Chances are that one of the first words you learned in Spanish is gracias, the most common way to say "thanks" or "thank you." Gracias is, of course, a useful word and should top any list of words Spanish students should learn.

This wonderfully unique Spanish Thank You note card in a light and pastel blue says "Gracias" simply, yet elegantly.

At the center of the powder blue card, in white artistic hand lettering, with two small pink dots accenting the design, the large word "gracias" appears (In English "Thank you").

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