Strictly ballroom essay techniques

Images are pictures we create in our minds.

Strictly ballroom essay techniques

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. It is a story of an individual, who wants to do his own steps, failing his partner. Fran an ugly duckling of a beginner class offers Scott partnership.

Fran persistence and ideas convince Scott to dance their own steps on the Pan-Pacific championship displaying multiculturalism and breaking competitions under conformity. The composer has used many techniques like camera movements, costume, dialogues, symbolism etc. Strictly Ballroom starts with the Australian vision of competitiveness.

The first world we enter is the competitive world of ballroom dancing, which is represented by the fiercely conservative, with rigid rules that must be obeyed. It is shown by the Anglo Australian comic stereotypes characters wearing garish and glitzy costume with excessive make-up and funny cartoon looking hairstyles.

They are only concerned with winning as they have nothing else to talk about. Even Scott who is passionate about doing his own steps also wants to win, so do Fran.

Oct 29,  · Essay writing on economics keynesian economics what is communication essay hobby example of a discursive essay jelent?se strictly ballroom essay film techniques student writing an essay format. Essay topics about language college education. Australian movie Strictly Ballroom is a great illustration as the manager uses really extraordinary and theatrical manner of filmmaking to show a humourous narrative that reflects assorted ideals in Australian society with filming and movie techniques. Read Strictly Ballroom free essay and over 89, other research documents. Strictly Ballroom. STRICTLY BALLROOM Strictly Ballroom, directed by Australia’s own Baz Luhrmann, is one of the most successful movies of all time.

All the ballroom dancers wants to win as well, it can be seen by their fake smiles, funny haircuts and excessive make-up. Such as Liz, she keeps changing her partner with whoever has more chance to win the competition. But Barry Fife thinks that Scott cannot win without conforming to federations rules, showing that ballroom dancing winning is dependent on conformity.

Barry Fife symbolises the establishment highlighting Australian vision of conformity. He value authority as he think it is his duty to control federation power, it can be seen by his costume as he wears a blue suit and low angle shots, showing him as corrupt and a tall-puppy to audience.

Liz, Shirley and all the ballroom dancers are conformed to his rules without understanding his personality as being corrupt and villain. Such as Liz who is mostly shown in yellow colours show her inability to face the truth about corruption and power dominated world of ballroom dancing.

Scott also wants to win the championship, but not lose his identity by compromising his creativity and individuality. It can be seen by his shirt numberrepresenting his perfection but while doing his own steps the pause image of number shows us that he is no longer perfect in the eyes of ballroom dancing and so therefore he will have to pay cost for his individuality and creativity.

This shows that in order to succeed in his vision he will not go unchallenging and will have to challenge ballroom federation rules. Doug believes that individual has a right to be free to show their own ideas and steps. He mainly supported Scott at the last scene by clapping to encourage Scott to show his creativity and succeed by ruining establishment.

It is sown by the Spanish language and different clothes. It shows Scott passion and value to dance a true paso doble. Juxtaposition is created between these two worlds Toledo Milk Bar and Kendall studio. As Toledo milk bar is shown more real with natural lighting and exterior location, which represents freedom and realism.

It shows that multiculturalism is great as it allow different talents to be gained and enjoyed. Overall strictly ballroom by baz luhrman displays a great variety of Australian visions, by the use of different techniques, such as camera shots, costume, language etc.

Strictly ballroom essay techniques

More essays like this:Sep 07,  · Since Strictly Ballroom, Baz Luhrmann has directed two other internationally successful films—Romeo + Juliet and Moulin Rouge—and, at time of print, was directing Australia.

He is known for his artistic and innovative cinematic styles which blend film techniques from Hollywood musicals and dance films with more traditional techniques. In conclusion, ‘Strictly Ballroom’ has showed the concept of belonging through the filmic techniques, storyline and the creation of characters.

People often are reluctant to challenge the ‘safe world’ that they live in, because they fear rejection or becoming cut-off or being alienated.

Title: Strictly Ballroom Character: Scott Hastings Director: Baz Lurhmann The film strictly ballroom directed by Baz Lurmann is a drama/comedy about peoples attitudes towards dance and other cultures. A character that makes a dramatic change is Scott Hastings.

He changes from being smug and. Strictly Ballroom Directed by Baz Luhrmann Essays. Strictly Ballroom Essay Belonging is a term that denotes the association and identification of an individual .

Oct 29,  · Essay writing on economics keynesian economics what is communication essay hobby example of a discursive essay jelent?se strictly ballroom essay film techniques student writing an essay format. Essay topics about language college education. View sample Student Essay. Top Essays. All Essays.

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