Crafting a strategy

Vision and Mission, Objectives, and Strategy Chapter 3. The Five Generic Competitive Strategies: Which One to Employ?

Crafting a strategy

The first possible approach is to build all the benchwork, lay track even using something like Atlas code 83 track and turnouts as a temporary trackwire up the DCC system and be railroading. At that point I can go back and add more detailed track, scenery, structures and the like one scene at a time.

What was interesting and relevant to the topic of this blog post is the way John suggested approaching the project.

Crafting a strategy

He included a table in the book that showed how someone could approach this particular project that required virtually everything be scratchbuilt. First build a section of layout, then build a narrow gauge locomotive, a combine, and several flat cars… once that was done build the connecting MEC standard gauge track, followed by an MEC Ten Wheeler… that sort of thing.

So how would that look on my Richford project?

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Why start with Richford? The answer in my case is that, with the exception of the plywood plant and perhaps the Richford depot, I have structures that I can use here. For example, I have two CV brass Na s.

Both of them need decoders and a paint job. Here's a tabular view of how this might look for Phase I:Imagine someone planning strategy. What likely springs to mind is an image of orderly thinking: a senior manager, or a group of them, sitting .

Now imagine someone crafting strategy. A wholly different image likely results, as different from planning as craft is from mechanization.

Central Vermont Railway: Crafting a Strategy Alarmed by a nearly four-fold rise in GST compensation to states for June-July, the Finance Ministry is crafting a strategy to shore up tax revenues and engaging with states to identify issues hindering their collections. Finance Secretary Hasmukh Adhia has started meeting with GST officersboth from central and state tax departments, in the state capitals to understand issues plaguing the GST collections.

While this encourages consumers (along with credit cards’ purchase protection programs) to use credit cards for big ticket items, this may be a shortsighted marketing strategy.

Remember, you want your card to be top of wallet. Underpinning any profitable acquisition is a robust capital planning strategy that ensures an organization reserves sufficient funds and efficiently onboards partners that advance the .

Crafting a strategy

Planning strategy was once predominant in the s and s. Although it faltered in the s and s, it still continues to be a significant influence today.

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While the fact that many industries continued to experience turbulent was the main reason of the fall of planning strategy, it also. The process view of strategy has been revived in the Eighties by Mintzberg work on “Crafting strategy” (), and later by the work of Hamel and Prahalad on ‘Strategic Intent ().

Many of them share a common view on the theory and practice of ‘strategy’ as they generally agreed, strategy is a plan to be executed in the future to.

Finance ministry crafting strategy to boost GST revenues - Times of India